Join Us For an Educational Luncheon on BrainHearing Technology on Feb. 12!

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Audiology in SalinasBack by popular demand, Valley Hearing Center is pleased to announce another Lunch n’ Learn seminar, this time at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Salinas on February 12th. If you enjoyed past seminars, then you are sure to be impressed by this upcoming event! The topic this time deals with the intersections between dementia, aging and hearing loss. Mark it on your calendar because this is a presentation that really shouldn’t be missed! By attending, you also show support for Lunch n’ Learn seminars, ensuring we’ll be able to schedule more in the months ahead. Read on to learn more about what will be discussed at the BrainHearing Technology Lunch n’ Learn seminar.

Rapid advances in hearing technology have made their way to Salinas, but you can avoid confusion next time you visit a hearing specialist by staying informed on recent advances in the area of hearing technology. What some in Salinas are calling the most important breakthrough in hearing aids in decades is the topic for February’s seminar, namely Oticon’s BrainHearing technology. Employing state-of-the-art processing platforms, this new type of hearing aid technology helps support the entire brain’s ability to receive and interpret sounds. Comprised of four breakthrough developments—Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound, YouMetric, and Free Focus—these wireless and discreet devices revolutionize the way hearing aids work.

As it is for other functions of the body, the brain is the location in which hearing takes place. Most hearing aids typically address inner-ear problems, but not BrainHearing technology! Utilizing this new technology, this type of hearing aid focuses on helping the brain interpret the details of audio waves. When hearing is difficult, the brain often has a difficult time making sense of the details it is receiving. This can lead to decreased cognitive abilities in other areas, as the brain exerts more energy attempting to decipher audio messages. This new type of hearing aid addresses this problem. If this sounds complicated, you’re right! The reason for this educational seminar is to keep you informed on the most recent and important updates in hearing technology in Salinas.

feb12-inviteCovered in this seminar will be everything you need to know about BrainHearing technology—not just how these devices work and why they are an improvement in hearing technology, but also more about the products themselves. Oticon is practically the only company researching and developing this new approach to treating hearing disabilities, so take the opportunity to learn more about their line of available hearing aids. Just as Oticon is concerned with how well a hearing aid works, they also focus on developing products that are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and discreet for those modest about wearing a hearing aid. Also included will be hearing screenings and opportunities to take advantage of this new technology, in addition to a complimentary lunch. Take this opportunity to get informed about critical developments in the area of hearing technology, something that affects millions of Americans. Just remember, reservations are required and seating is limited to the first 15 reservations.


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