Hearing Technology that Supports the Brain

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When it comes to understanding how our hearing works parallel with our brain functions, Oticon is the frontrunner. The major hearing device manufacturer has partnered with Lumosity, a personalized program that refines brain function, in order to assist patients in keeping their brains challenged while still reinforcing their hearing health and hearing technology in Salinas.

Here’s how it works

How do your ears relate to brain cognition? Even though the ears are solely responsible for gathering sound, the brain is the part of the body that actually makes sense of it. The brain uses the ears as a portal to collect the sound and orient itself. It then decides which sounds to focus on and gets rid of all the other irrelevant sounds in order to hone in on what we are trying to listen to; however, when our hearing ability decreases, so does the brains capability to perform this basic task. This is where Oticon comes in.

Oticon’s core technologies have been generated to maintain the way the brain works by preserving the natural functions of the signals. By designing the technology this way, the hearing aid can assist the brain in its natural process of organizing, choosing and following sounds, assisting the users with obtaining access to speech and other things going on around them.

Core technology

Oticon is one of the world’s largest hearing device corporations in the industry and it operates and maintains the world’s leading hearing aid research facility. Their on-site researchers are continuously looking for ways to link hearing, thinking and our natural human behaviors in order to create the innovative hearing technology in Salinas.

Oticon’s core technologies are designed to enhance your hearing function by utilizing how the brain works in order to help familiarize different sounds using both ears, separate the sounds and focus on only the sound that is desired and recognize the sound in order to make sense of it.

This type of process is done by using four features in order to improve brain functions:

1. Speech Guard E: Speech Guard E is the technology that keeps voices separate from one another, as well as keeps the distinction between those voices and any other competing sound.

2. Spatial Sound: Spatial Sound assists individuals in understanding their surroundings and knows where the different sounds are coming from.

3. Free Focus: Free Focus helps patients focus on a voice that is within a noise, all while maintaining their awareness of their surroundings.

4. YouMatic: YouMatic permits users to personalize the way that they hear and experience sound according to their personal needs and taste.

Technology such as this takes a state-of-the-art ‘brain first’ approach in providing sound with the clearest signal possible, which is the best way for the brain to understand it. With more information that is given to the brain, the brain doesn’t need to work as hard in order to distinguish the sounds and its surroundings, thus creating a clearer, more effortless listening experience for the user.

For more information on hearing technology in Salinas and how it has the potential to improve your hearing device experience, contact a hearing healthcare professional in your area!


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