Becoming Your Strongest Advocate

December 24, 2014 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

While everyone was holed up inside their homes during this month’s storm, Maria was sitting on her porch, basking in the sound of the rain.

Maria hadn’t heard rain in many years and was enjoying the experience with the wonder of a child and the appreciation of an adult who knows how easily such opportunities can be taken for granted.

As we end one year and welcome in another, many of us make time for a person who often goes neglected—oneself. We reflect on how to better ourselves and our lives and turn that into our New Year’s resolution.

Although, we don’t really need to wait until New Year’s to do this, just like we don’t wait for an authority figure to tell us when it’s time to be happy. You can do something for yourself whenever you know it’s time to.

This happens quite often with hearing care. Many people decide they don’t need the full experience of improved hearing, or the education on how to get the most from their new devices. Some people wait for their doctor to speak up for them and determine when it’s time for a hearing evaluation (hint: it’s always time for a hearing evaluation—they should be part of your yearly check-ups).

You should be a strong advocate for yourself, especially in regards to your health and wellness. But if that’s not enough, consider your loved ones: with better hearing comes better communication and interaction with those around us. It means fuller participation in everyday activities such as music and storytelling.

We encourage patients to get the most from their hearing by providing education on options that fit individual hearing types, hosting educational seminars, and offering free hearing-aid cleanings and evaluations. This is because we know that hearing is more than a commodity—it’s quality of life.

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