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Signs of fall are finally showing in California—leaves on the sidewalk, chilly mornings, and of course, delicious holiday food and treats. Earlier this month Valley Hearing Center awarded one of its valued customers with a Thanksgiving turkey basket, reminding us how much better a good meal is when it’s shared, even if we couldn’t quantify the exact reasons that make it so. But we could tell you the many ways in which a long run is better than a quick drive, or why a lifetime of fostered creativity outshines lethargy. Some of the things that make our days and lives brighter come at a price, but with some education, we can choose to invest in the things that pay us back tenfold.

This is especially true when it comes to our health. A commitment to regular exercise is a big sacrifice of time, but the rewards are abundant. The technology we use to improve our hearing is no different. We can choose to forgo hearing aids or invest in them—both have a cost, but how does the latter option pay us back?

Being on the cutting edge of technology delivers hearing aids that help the brain recognize, orient, focus, and separate sounds. Manufacturers have performed a great amount of research to develop hearing aids that work with the user’s brain, where hearing really takes place. This far outdoes hearing aids of yore that simply amplified all sounds, even background noise.

Customized hearing aids fit the user’s ear canal and specific hearing loss, much like lenses in eyeglasses, but more complex. Hearing aids that are programmed by a licensed professional ensure the best possible fit for each user and their lifestyle.

“Top-shelf” hearing aids can withstand a breadth of conditions, such as freezing winters, hot summers, sweat, and bacteria. The heartier the durability, the longer the hearing aids will last.

Improved communication, social inclusion, and decreased likelihood of dementia are only some of the social and psychological benefits of excellent hearing aids. Many users find that hearing aids re-connect them to other people and conversations.

Cheaper options that leave the user frustrated with inferior or unreliable technology are no match for the quality and ease of better hearing aids. If you’re curious about how modern technology can help you or a loved one, stop by one of our offices and speak to our staff—we’re happy to provide a complimentary hearing evaluation and discuss the best solutions for you and your lifestyle.

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