Can You Really Improve Your Hearing?

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Loss of hearing can have a devastating effect on your life and is typically linked to your body’s natural progression of aging; however, nowadays there are things we do that can cause damage to the inner ear and effect our hearing at an earlier age.

Are you a concert goer? Loss of hearing can be linked to concerts due to the high music volume and excessive percussion of drums and other instruments. Subjecting our hearing to these types of volumes on a regular basis can decrease our hearing significantly over the years.

Another situation that can affect our hearing is our daily job. If you work a job where there is extreme noise, over time your hearing will be damaged.

As loss of hearing is rising among children and young adults due to the over-exposure of excessive noise, we are looking for ways to protect and preserve what hearing in Salinas we have left. Here are some ways you can protect the hearing you have left.

1. Walking through the woods. We know, it sounds crazy, but hear this out. How would walking through the woods help preserve and improve your hearing? It can help your hearing in a couple of ways. First, walking through the woods trains your ears to focus better on sounds. The silence of the woods will cause your ear to search for noises and sounds, things you wouldn’t typically hear. This is basically a workout for your ears.

Lastly, researchers are finding that people who are more physically active and fit have better hearing that those who aren’t in as good of shape. The reason being, exercise pulls more oxygen into your system which, in turn, improves blood flow to the ears.

2. Holy guacamole! Next time you’re out to eat, make sure you order the side of chips and guacamole. Guacamole is loaded with magnesium which can help strengthen your hearing. Studies have found that low levels of magnesium have the potential to make your ears more prone to noise-induced hearing loss.

It is also proven that avocados and guacamole are loaded with healthy fats, and keeping your body happy and healthy will help strengthen things like hearing.

3. Avoid caffeine and salts. Unfortunately, you coffee and salt lovers won’t be a fan of this one. It has been found that high levels of caffeine can obstruct blood flow to your ears, while salt causes the body to retain fluids. The mix of the swelling from the salt with the lower blood flow from the caffeine can inhibit with the regular ear functions and ultimately effect the hearing.

Try switching to decaf coffee and eating foods with lower amounts of sodium. If that’s too difficult, ease your way in by only drinking one cup of regular coffee a day as opposed to four, keeping the other three decaf or using seasonings that add flavor to your food without overdosing on the salt.

4. Avoid smoke at all costs. As we all know, smoking and being around a smoker will never have a positive effect on our health; but more specifically, studies have found that overexposure to cigarette smoke can contribute to age-related hearing loss.

Making these small, but important, changes in your life are not only healthy for your hearing in Salinas, but for your overall health. After all, we only get one life, make it a long and healthy one!

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