What Commonly Causes Hearing Problems in Salinas?

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Have you been suffering through some hearing problems in Salinas? These problems, while inconvenient, may also prove to be quite dangerous. Sound and hearing are huge portions of our everyday lives and play a role in our survival and in our quality of life. While hearing damage can happen suddenly through accidents or other sources of trauma, most instances of hearing difficulties are avoidable.

Therefore, knowing what can cause hearing problems is essential for learning how to take preventative care and proactive steps to avoid said causes when at all possible. Here are some common sources of hearing problems in Salinas:

1. Inner ear damage is caused by aging or exposure to loud noise for a long period of time. There’s a reason why many people are concerned with blasting loud music through headphones and why older individuals often have a more difficult time hearing conversations. Both aging and loud noises simply wear down the nerve cells that are responsible for sending sound to the brain—thus, the nerves are no longer able to work efficiently and send those sounds to the brain.

Instead, the sounds are muffled and unclear and it can be difficult to hear softer tones. Due to the fact that the inner ear is damaged, this hearing loss is permanent. While aging is part of life, listening to prolonged loud noises or sounds should be avoided whenever possible so as to maintain your inner ear health.

2. A build-up of earwax may cause hearing problems. If you are experiencing hearing problems, there is a chance that some of it may be due to earwax. Earwax can often be wedged in the ear canal in such a way that disturbs the proper conduction of sound waves. Earwax can thankfully be removed if it is indeed the cause. One of the best ways to avoid this cause of hearing loss is to be sure to maintain ear hygiene by properly, safely and regularly cleaning your ears.

3. A blast of noise, sudden change of pressure, sticking an object too far into your ear or an infection may cause your eardrum to rupture. This is one of the main reasons why it’s not advisable to clean your ears by using cotton swabs. Often, the swab will be inserted too far and the eardrum will be ruptured. A ruptured eardrum is not only painful, but will also affect the quality of your hearing.

4. Ear infections and abnormal bone growths or tumors may also impair your hearing. If you are experiencing difficulties hearing and you are not sure what the cause may be, you may want to visit an audiologist to help you determine the cause. In some serious cases, it may be that a tumor or abnormal growth is causing the hearing issues.

We take care of ourselves by eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise, but often our hearing health is taken for granted. Knowing what causes hearing problems in Salinas can help you be more proactive about keeping your ears healthy.

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