How Severe is Your Hearing Loss in Monterey and Salinas?

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Unlike a fine wine, hearing loss in Monterey and Salinas only gets worse with the passage of time. That’s why it is extremely important to be proactive about your hearing and to take notice of any changes you are experiencing.

Are you currently dealing with hearing loss? Are you wondering how significant or severe said hearing loss may be? It’s easier to not only notice warning signs but also to know how severe your symptoms/hearing loss is when you know the different types of hearing loss. Here are the three different types of hearing loss in Monterey and Salinas that people can suffer from:

1. Conductive hearing loss: This type of hearing loss can be caused by ear infections, fluid lodged in the ear, allergies, swimmer’s ear or even a foreign object lodged in the ear. It’s called conductive hearing loss due to the fact that sound is not effectively conducted or carried to the proper parts of the ear. That is, the sound does not move from the outer ear to the ossicles of the inner ear. Sounds may be unclear, especially faint noises. Thankfully, conductive hearing loss can usually be fixed and addressed with the proper medical attention, which may include surgery.

2. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL): There are many possible causes of SNHL, ranging from illnesses and aging to exposure to loud noise. Although there are numerous causes, SNHL occurs when the inner ear is damaged. Typically, this is something that cannot be fixed, even with medical care and surgery. It’s a type of permanent hearing loss and is unfortunately very common. If you have SNHL damage, even sounds that should be loud enough to hear may still be unclear or muffled.

3. Mixed hearing loss: Conductive hearing loss and SNHL are not mutually exclusive. Both types of hearing loss may be present for any ear. Any individual suffering from mixed hearing loss is sure to have an incredibly difficult time hearing. The bright side is that at least some of the hearing difficulty (the conductive hearing loss) may be addressed and solved by proper medical care and attention.

All three of these types may have different degrees of severity—the higher the degree, the more severe the damage is. Degrees range from Normal (which means you can hear just fine) to Profound (which means you have severe hearing impairment) and are measured in decibels. The degree of hearing loss that you are suffering from often depends on the kind of hearing loss.

Hearing loss in Monterey and Salinas isn’t as rare as one might hope or think. In fact, SNHL, the type of hearing loss that is unfixable, is the most common kind. This is why it is really essential to see an audiologist who can keep an eye on your hearing and ear health. While the elderly have higher risk factors for hearing loss, any type of hearing loss can happen to anyone of any age. An audiologist can also help with your current hearing loss situation, regardless of what kind you may be suffering from.

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