Proper Care for Hearing Aids in Monterey and Salinas

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You may rather forget, but do you remember what life was like before you got a hearing aid in Monterey and Salinas? Having trouble hearing a conversation, always turning up the volume on the television, asking people to speak up, it was embarrassing and made life much more difficult.

Getting a hearing aid can be a life-changing event. Hopefully when you got yours, your hearing professional gave you useful tips on how to properly care for your hearing aid. That may have been years ago though, and it’s easy to forget some of the details. Read below for a useful guide on how to keep your hearing aids working properly.

Preventing an emergency

Hearing professionals get emergency calls all the time. No, not quite like an emergency room doctor, but important calls none the less. Once in a while it might be a missing hearing aid that needs replacement, but the great majority of them involve an important event coming up and a hearing aid that suddenly isn’t functioning properly.

An anniversary in a couple days or that family reunion over the weekend can be completely ruined for you without properly functioning hearing aids in Monterey and Salinas. In many cases the problem could have been avoided by adequately taking care of the hearing aid—they are somewhat fragile devices and need regular attention to keep functioning properly.

A few good tips

Here is a basic guideline to properly caring for your hearing aids in Monterey and Salinas. Obviously this list isn’t exhaustive and your best bet is to consult your hearing professional with any questions regarding proper care, but just to get you started, here are a few of the basics:

  • Always handle your hearing aids with care; they have quite a bit of delicate technology inside of them that can easily break if not handled carefully.
  • Store them in a safe place that is cool and dry, humidity and heat can cause problems with them.
  • To ensure continuous operation, get in a routine of changing the batteries often, and always keep a nice supply of batteries on hand to ensure they don’t run out and your left without them working.
  • Switch them off when not in use, and if not getting used for a longer period, remove the batteries completely. This elongates the life of the batteries, and doesn’t drain the lifespan out of the units themselves.
  • Once in a while, carefully clean the battery contacts with cotton swabs, and clean the outside to avoid earwax or grime building up.
  • When changing the batteries, also consider changing the filter to ensure smooth hearing.
  • And finally, don’t make the mistake of wearing them in the shower, while swimming or when using a hair dryer or hair sprays. Water or chemicals can easily damage a hearing aid.

If you follow these basic guidelines, you can at least guarantee a longer lifespan out of your hearing aids, and that you won’t prematurely damage them, or run out of batteries right when you need them the most. For any other questions or tips, consult with your hearing professional right away.

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