How to Identify Hearing Loss in Monterey and Salinas

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For the majority of people, hearing loss in Monterey and Salinas is a gradual process that occurs over a long period of time. Occasionally, a tragic event occurs where someone can go from full hearing capability to losing their hearing all together, but this is rather rare; instead hearing degenerates over time along with the regular aging process.

As a gradual process, most people don’t realize their ability to hear is slowly declining, often resulting in denial and avoidance of the topic. Unfortunately ignoring the problem can result in it negatively affecting your lifestyle, personal relationships and ability to enjoy social gatherings.

Whether you have ignored the problem too long, or just have a hunch your hearing may be impaired, understanding how to identify hearing loss is critical to a happy and healthy life. For a quick guide to hearing loss, read ahead.

Recognizing the issue

Since hearing loss is a gradual process, you may not even realize that you are experiencing hearing loss in Monterey and Salinas. There are basically two steps to realizing that you have a problem.

  • First, you can only detect you may have a problem through simple observations, and listening to the observations of others.
  • The second step is to see a doctor in order to properly diagnose what is wrong, and then to take a look at various solutions so you can get back to normal hearing in no time.

Observing your own hearing capabilities, and listening to what others may be trying to tell you about your hearing, is critical to determining whether you need to see a doctor or not. Consider over the past year or so if you have noticed any of the following symptoms with your hearing. Speech will often sound muffled and distorted.

  • Words are more difficult to understand, sounding both muffled and slurred together, in either a loud rom or even in a quiet setting.
  • Do you ever find yourself asking others to speak louder, more clearly, or slower?
  • The television or radio never seems loud enough, you often find yourself turning up the volume, yet family members or guests ask if you can turn the volume back down.

Such difficulty in hearing can lead you to withdraw from conversations, letting others do the talking while you pretend to understand everything. Even worse, you may avoid social situations completely to avoid the embarrassment of not understanding. Finally, others may often inquire about your hearing, dropping subtle hints that time has come for you to get checked out.

Don’t let any of this embarrass you, and even more importantly, don’t let it get to the point where you are withdrawing from conversations or avoiding social situations. This means a simple problem such as hearing loss is severely affecting your lifestyle.

If any of the above symptoms seem familiar, then consider visiting a doctor immediately. The earlier you start getting your hearing tested, the earlier you can resolve any developing problems. It is also never too late if your hearing is already compromised—there are many solutions available. Don’t let hearing loss in Monterey and Salinas hurt you, visit a doctor today to get on the path to proper hearing again.

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