Diagnosing Ringing in the Ears in Monterey

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When you’re alone, with no noises going on around you, do you ever experience a sudden ringing in your ear canal? Worse yet, is there always a ringing in your ears—one that just won’t seem to go away no matter what you do?

A constant ringing in the ears in Monterey is called Tinnitus and it’s a hearing condition that many people suffer from on a daily basis. Often, Tinnitus is observed as a ringing, buzzing or pinging in the ears that frequently keeps time with your heart rate or occurs at regular intervals. This noise can’t be heard by anyone else and is frequently dismissed by sufferers as an anomaly that’s nothing to worry about.

But, the real truth about Tinnitus is that it is something you should pay attention to—in fact, if you’re someone who experiences it, you should absolutely contact an Audiologist about having it checked out.

Diagnosing Tinnitus

When you’re evaluated for Tinnitus and the results of your audiogram come back positive, they’re likely going to say one of two things about your condition:

  • Pulsatile Tinnitus: This type of Tinnitus is often caused by the sounds of muscle movements near the ear. Typically, this involves muscle changes in the ear canal, as well as the flow of blood in your face or neck. The sound you’re hearing is typically in sync with your own pulse or the contractions of your muscles as they tighten, such as they do when you speak or smile.
  • Nonpulsatile Tinnitus: A departure from vascular noises, this type of Tinnitus is caused by problems in the nerves involved with hearing. Generally, people describe this ailment as “hearing phantom tapping” or a small buzzing that feels as though it’s right inside the ear itself. These sounds can come from one or both ears.

Now, after reading the descriptions above, you might accidently convince yourself that you’re hearing buzzing or ringing in your ears: much like you might become itchy when someone starts talking about ants! Typically, Tinnitus is very pronounced and will be noticeable in a person’s life frequently—so, if you’ve never heard phantom ringing before, you’re not likely a Tinnitus sufferer.

Treatment and coping

Unfortunately, there is no real cure for Tinnitus, only coping and mitigation methods that can be learned. Take a look at a few different ways you can mitigate the frequency of Tinnitus and lessen its intensity when episodes do occur:

  • Manage your blood pressure to prevent vascular surges associated with Tinnitus.
  • Hydrate frequently and avoid large amounts of sodium.
  • Avoid very loud noises whenever possible, such as concert noises, bar and club sounds and loud movies.
  • Counteract the ringing with light noise, such as music or television.

There are numerous ways to cope with ringing in the ears in Monterey—talk to your audiologist about finding the right one for you. Remember, Tinnitus doesn’t have to drive you crazy and there are ways to manage it!

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