Tinnitus Has Your Ears Ringing, But You Can Stop Wringing Your Hands

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Have you ever noticed a ringing in your ears after a loud concert? How about after a fireworks display? Or have your ears ever started ringing for apparently no reason at all?

The name for this condition is tinnitus and it can be caused by many things, from extra wax build up to loud noises, thyroid disease to anxiety. Ten to fifteen percent of the world suffers from some severity of tinnitus, and rarely does it manifest with enough severity to disrupt the sufferer’s daily life.

Nearly all chronic sufferers of tinnitus also have hearing loss and wearing a hearing aid has a greater chance of relieving the perpetual annoyance of tinnitus for those with hearing loss in Monterey or Salinas than any of the other possible therapies. The first step in beginning to handle your tinnitus is evaluating its severity.

Tinnitus Evaluation

If not attempting to focus on other sounds, the brain tends to register the loudest sounds around it while tuning out quieter, less ostentatious noises. Just think of how easy it is to forget the sound of your refrigerator compressor when the television is on.

When evaluating the severity of tinnitus, sounds are played at various known amplitudes, usually in a decreasing scale. When the tinnitus becomes audible over the played sounds, then the severity of the tinnitus is determined. If you’re suffering from hearing loss in Monterey or Salinas and have noticed an inexplicable ringing or buzzing sound, it may be time to be evaluated.


There are many possible treatments, though of those studied the two most successful at relieving symptoms were hearing aids and music. The other options, including relaxation exercises, herbs and dietary supplements, and medication, were each less than ten percent effective. Hearing aid technology has improved, allowing the technology to be more helpful to a greater range of sufferers, helping a significant number of people who have hearing loss in Monterey or Salinas to also be tinnitus-free.

Hearing Aids

Wearing any kind of medical equipment can be embarrassing, increasing the sense of visibility in public and inspection from strangers. For many living with hearing loss, however, the days of scrutiny may be behind them.

Open-fit, or over the ear, hearing aids are becoming less and less visible every year for more and more people as advances in digital technology make open fittings helpful to those with deafness at the lower ranges, where before they were only truly helpful to those with higher end hearing loss.

Tinnitus isn’t constricted to one end of the hearing scale, however, so with the availability of sleeker, less visible hearing aids for a wider range of those living with hearing loss and tinnitus the chances of your tinnitus being ameliorated get higher every day.

If you have hearing loss in Monterey or Salinas, it may be time for you to visit and a hearing professional. Don’t let the frequencies of life get blocked out by tinnitus!

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