Don't Let Bad Hearing Obscure Who You Are, Look Into Invisible Hearing Aids in Salinas

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We all live with difficulties, anxieties and set backs we must reconcile ourselves with every day. None of these hardships of circumstance or season are who we are as people, however, and each outing we have into the world is an effort on our part to show that.

Now, advances in digital technology have made the burden of wearing a hearing aid much lighter. Sleek, snug and invisible hearing aids in Salinas are available for those who need them. Instead of adding a garish piece of technology to the layers between you and the world you walk into every day, let the hearing professionals at Valley Hearing Center fit you with a marvel of modern medicine!

 A better outlook on self-esteem

One of the most telling signs that we truly care about someone in our life is that we feel their own problems acutely, as if they were our own, and this goes especially for our families. If you have a child or children with hearing loss, you are already familiar with all the slings and arrows, the missiles of cruelty and insult that they are subject to at school, in the playground, or at day care and feel each assault as though it was on yourself.

By giving your children the gift of invisible hearing aids, you can eliminate another avenue of teasing that they will undoubtedly be exposed to as they grow up into the teenagers and adults they are destined to become. Removing that barrier of the clunky, old hearing aid that obscures the person your child is makes it that much easier for them to go into the world and introduce themselves to it. And the same goes for you!

First dates, job interviews, family photos; all of these are situations in which having a slimmer, hidden hearing device that still works would benefit yourself in your adult life. It’s not an ideal world, that people would look at hearing aids as much as they do, but instead of trying to change the world, medical science has made invisible hearing aids in Salinas a reality.

Modern advancements

Unfortunately, open fittings are not universally applicable and have been known to have difficulty connecting to Assistive Listening Devices. Recent advancements, however, have made technology that was exclusively for moderately severe high-frequency deafness available to lower frequencies as well.

If you have been wearing a hearing aid for a long while, you may be familiar with the occlusion effect, the reflecting back into your ear of the sounds your own skull makes when chewing or talking. Invisible hearing aids are specially designed to greatly reduce this affect by reflecting as little sound as possible back into your ear canal.

Just as old hearing aids blocked sound in your own ear canal, they could also obscure peoples’ ability to see who you are. Come down to valley Hearing Center and see what options are available to you in the wide-open world of invisible hearing aids in Salinas. Come hear what we have to say!

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