Choosing the Right Digital Hearing Devices in Salinas, CA

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If you’re diagnosed with a hearing impairment issue, you could be faced with the prospect of choosing between a vast array of digital hearing devices in Salinas, CA to help you cope. For many people, this is a daunting task, simply because people are often worried about stigmas associated with hearing aids. Other times, picking out the right device all comes down to comfort. Whatever your concern may be, take solace in knowing that there are a great number of options available for you to choose from today!

Completely in-canal

These types of digital hearing devices in Salinas, CA are designed to fit inside of your ear canal, making them virtually invisible unless you directly draw attention to them. Perfect for adults who want to maintain a professional look, without sacrificing hearing loss, in-canal hearing aids make dealing with a mild hearing impairment easy.

Many in-canal hearing aids represent the pinnacle in hearing aid technologies because they’re designed to combat many of the issues that plague traditional hearing aids. They cut down on wind noise, are easily used with a telephone or hands-free device and don’t contain complicated features that can lead to increased device sizes.

The drawbacks of these devices are their battery life—which is lower due to the smaller sized batteries that they operate on. Also, these hearing aids generally only improve subtle to mild hearing impairments and won’t yield the desired effects for those suffering from substantial hearing impairment.

Half shell

For those with moderate to substantial hearing loss, a half shell digital hearing device may serve to improve the overall quality of sound. These models are slightly larger than their in-ear counterparts, however they boast a number of features and abilities that smaller models do not.

Far and above all else, half shell hearing aids offer directional microphones and volume controls, allowing the wearer to adjust the aid to fit their unique needs. Second, these devices are more powerful than their smaller counterparts and have a much more reliable battery life. And finally, they’re often custom molded to fit a person’s ear specifically, making them comfortable and easy to wear.

The downsides to these models are that they’re more noticeable than other types and can feel a bit clunky at first. While this makes them easier to handle, it can also make getting used to them a struggle—one that’s easily overcome in a short amount of time.

Behind the ear

Behind the ear digital hearing devices in Salinas, CA are most applicable to people who have substantial hearing loss or severe deafness. Behind the ear models amplify sound far better than any other model, though the tradeoff is a much more visible structure. These models are great for all ages and can be tailored to fit a specific ear shape, making them comfortable to get used to. Battery life is substantial in these models and they’re often customizable to fit their user—everything from colors and shapes, to sound capacities and fit.

If you’re facing the prospect of picking out a brand new digital hearing aid, take comfort in knowing that there are a variety of options available to you. Consult with a professional at Valley Hearing Center to learn more about which types will best benefit you!

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