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People often walk around thinking that their hearing is fine, only to realize that it’s a bit under par when they finally get it checked out. Why does this happen and how can a person go for years without realizing that their hearing is impaired? It’s all because most people don’t have a frame of reference when it comes to measuring their own hearing! What they hear may be normal for them, but below average for everyone else!

The only true way to see if your hearing is at a level that’s acceptable is to undergo a hearing test that’s measured using a standard set of variables. By subjecting your ears to a hearing device evaluation in Salinas, CA, you’re able to gauge whether or not your hearing is above, below or right at the national average, giving you a sound basis for determining if you need a hearing aid.

Common hearing impairments

Hearing impairments come in all shapes and sizes and can span a variety of severities—from being unable to hear high-pitched noises, to sounds becoming fuzzy over time. Perhaps the most common hearing impairment, however, is partial deafness.

Partial deafness occurs when you’re unable to hear within a certain decibel range—which can be high or low depending on the severity of your deafness—and can become worse over time. Often, it begins at a young age and progressively worsens later in life, leading to major hearing loss at later stages. For most people, partial deafness isn’t something that they can detect on their own, because again, there’s often no frame of reference for proper hearing.

Another common heating impairment is conductive hearing loss. This impairment is much easier to detect and people frequently realize that something is wrong shortly after the symptoms set in. In simplest terms, conductive hearing loss makes voices sound far away, noises sound fuzzy or out of pitch and can result in garbled noises when sounds are too complex.

Prompt treatments

When it comes to hearing device evaluation in Salinas, CA, it’s better to undertake a test sooner, rather than later. The sooner you’re able to pinpoint a hearing deficiency, the sooner it’s able to be treated. If caught early, something like conductive hearing loss, as mentioned above, can be medically corrected and resolved, helping you to get the most out of your hearing.

Valley Hearing Center is dedicated to helping everyone make the most out of their hearing and is offering free hearing tests to those seeking to learn more about their own hearing capacities. Best of all, for those who stop by to take advantage of our free hearing test, you’ll have the opportunity to walk out with a $20 Target gift card!

Don’t waste another day thinking that you have perfect hearing—stop on by Valley Hearing Center and make it a fact! You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about your hearing capabilities and we’ll help you to understand any issues that you may not even realize existed!

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