October 2, 2014

"Very professional and helpful! I finally got a hearing aid that I can hear with. Free batteries for as long as you have the hearing aid? What a deal! They even gave a free hearing aid to a homeless youth I worked with. These people are over the top!"
October 1, 2014

"I went in for a hearing test after many years of having trouble understanding what other people were saying. Megan performed the test and explained in great detail why hearing aids would benefit me. I was given a 30 day trial period. No hard sell just professional advice with a personal touch thrown in. Shortly after having the hearing aids were fitted I had a problem caused by my failure to insert them correctly. I contacted Rebecca, who had me come down to their office at my earliest convenience and quickly solved my problem with a very cheerful attitude. Great place! There are many competitors, but I would highly recommend the Valley Haring Center for any hearing problems. As a bonus, it is locally owned and staffed by people with many years of experience living on the Monterey Peninsula. And, I can hear again..."
August 16, 2014

"I live part time in the Monterey area, and one of my hearing aids died at the beginning of 30 day visit. I panicked at the thought of being without my hearing aid for several weeks, and happened to call Valley Hearing Center. Rebecca answered the phone and couldn't have been friendlier - encouraging me to come in and see what they could do. When I came in, Rebecca and Megan determined my hearing aid was dead. Megan called Phonak and found out it was still on warranty. She then sent both hearing aids in for repair and programmed loaner hearing aids for me, When they came back, one was still not functioning. Megan sent it in again, and let me take one of the loaners back to Michigan, to use until mine came back. You can imagine how grateful I was, but Megan refused to take any money for helping me! It is very rare nowadays to run across a business as friendly, caring, and customer oriented as Valley Hearing Center. I am so grateful I found them, and highly recommend their services to anyone in need of help with their hearing!Robert Riley Grand Rapids, Michigan"
March 21, 2014

"It has been delightful. "I can’t wait to hear!" Wow, I hear everything."
February 20, 2014

"Hearing has opened up a whole new world and the service is great. They always take care of me."
February 11, 2014

"This is where we started getting my hearing aids and service and this is the place to go and I will always be back for my check-ups on my hearing aids."
January 28, 2014

"Valley Hearing Center has excellent service and they are very helpful. I would recommend anybody to come here."
December 21, 2013

"In my twenty years with Valley Hearing Center I have always been greeted as an individual. I never waited too long when I need help with my hearing aids. There is always somebody to help me."